Singer-guitarist Lee-la Baum has been called the love child of Robert Plant and Janis Joplin; Mixing up the best of the classic rock the band loves with the gritty energy of their hometown - Montreal.

The band released their sophomore album Devilish Folk, in May 2016 and launched it while supporting The Cult. They have been touring with none other then ZZ TOP, they performed on Rock Legends Cruise 2018 with the likes of Sammy Hagar, Bad Company and Quiet Riot and have opened for Styx and Three Days Grace. Since their latest release they have criss crossed North America,  spreading their truthful gospel and selling out venues wherever they go.


Devilish Folk was mixed by Grammy-award winner Tchad Blake (Black Keys, Pearl Jam, Arctic Monkeys), and mastered by John Davis, responsible for the recent Led Zeppelin re-issues in addition to work with U2, Lana del Ray, Florence & The Machine, and others.


You could say there's nothing more Rock n' Roll than your van blowing up in the middle of your biggest national tour to date. Unless of course, you're The Damn Truth, and you've barely escaped with just the clothes on your back while most everything else is up in flames; and you've got your 3 year old son and his babysitter also on board. "We had literally just driven out from a garage in the last town where the mechanic told us everything was fine. Thank God for the car that drove up beside us on the highway - waving their arms frantically - and told us that the van was on fire . We stopped, got as much stuff out as we could, and then literally watched the van blow up in front of us; all our gear - gone," remembers drummer Dave Traina.


A lot of good things have happened since then for the Montreal based quartet such as singer Lee-la Baum turning in a heart-stopping vocal for an Yves St Laurent TV commercial- their new perfume, Mon Paris, that is rolling out worldwide. The vocal (a cover of "Love Is Blindness" by U2) has had such an impact, raking in over 750K views, thousands of comments, emails and orders have come in from around the globe, exposing the band to a wide audience of new “Truth Seekers”.

The Damn Truth have always been a self-contained unit; producing their own records, videos, and hanging out old-school after a show; meeting the fans one by one. "We've had to work hard every step of the way," says lead guitarist Tom Shemer. "But that's ok. People know it’s real when they come to the shows”.

Part of that ethos is the family vibe amongst the band; Tom and Lee-la travel with their 4 year old son,  “There has never been a choice in the matter. Rock n’ Roll has always been our lives and his too. He’s been on tour since he was 2 months old and he loves it, “ says Lee-la.


Spring 2019 will see the band on a 30 date tour throughout Europe and the UK with no signs of slowing down.


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-The band have toured alongside ZZ TOP, Rival Sons, The Sheepdogs and July Talk and have shared the stage with STYX, The Cult, and Three Days Grace.
-They have been featured at The Osheaga Music and Arts Festival as well as at Festival D’été de Quebec.

-The band were on Rock Legends Cruise 2018 alongside Sammy Hagar, Bad Company, Uriah Heep and many more.
-Lee-la Baum׳s version of Love is Blindiness is featured on the international fragrance ad for Yves Saint-Laurent's Mon Paris perfume.
-“Get With You, “Heart is Cold” and “Love is Blindness” have all peaked at #1 in Quebec. 'Heart Is Cold' peaked at #14 on the Canadian Rock Radio charts.
-Devilish Folk was mixed by Grammy award winner Tchad Blake (Black Keys, Pearl Jam, Arctic Monkeys) and mastered by Jon Davis (Led Zeppelin, Adele, Florence and the Machine)
-They will be making their European debut in April 2019 with a 30 date tour throughout the European continent and the UK.



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